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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

In Mexico again

Our next stop was the Borrego Springs BLM  land and we ended up at the Ocotillo Wells off road vehicles playground. Had a very quiet night, Sunday we drove in to Borrego Springs and had lunch ( some very good shrimp tacos ) After lunch we drove down to Tecate and bought our Mexican Insurance and the tourist cards. Just walked over the border, it was all done in 15 minutes and we drove back to Potrero Park ( 5 miles ) for the night. 1st of February crossing the Mexican border in 5 minutes and in 2 minutes I was pulled over. The cop told me he is going to give me a ticket because at the stop sign the nose of my vehicle was on the crosswalk. Arguing would make it worse, back to the police station, paid 800 pesos, ( 57 US ) and back on the road. No copy of the ticket or receipt, the cop just topped off the houshold budget I think. Life goes on and in an hour we were on a beautiful beach. Later the usual Walmart shopping, grocery shopping and we ended up at Villarinos in La Bufadora just after 4 pm. The next day just a pleasure drive to San Quintin, made it there around 2 pm and spent the rest of th day walking on the beach. It’s so long and wide you can’t see the end of it. I was surprised how busy it was because at low tide the locals were all out there digging shellfish to sell it to restaurants. Hard way to earn a living standing in the waist high water. Today we drove all the way to Guerrero Negro in Baja Sur. It was a little over 400 km, a bit too much in Mexico but I would like to make it to Santispac and set the brakes for a week or so. I’ll keep you posted.

Potrero Park

Between Tijuana and Ensenada.

Cowboy on the beach

At Villarino in La Bufadora.

In San Quintin the locals are picking shellfish and sell it to restaurants.

Cheap Whale watching at the entrance of El Pebellon, San Quintin.

Desert Hwy around Catavina.

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