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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Following the hood south.

We had an ugly, rainy and busy winter and I have a new job. I have to go to Vancouver 4 days a week, driving a truck and hauling food. Like the new job, a lot less headache than the management was before. Because of my new job we couldn't take any time off but after a while it hits me again: we got to go!!! We used to go every winter but this winter was just crazy, -2 in the Palm Springs area, much colder than usual in Arizona too. My wife said: I do not go 'till it's at least 25 C or more. And it hasn't been for a long time. Last week it was finally getting better, short chat with the boss, no problem, you can go for 2 weeks he said, but only after mid-March, somebody else booked a trip ahead of me. I have a friend, when I ask him where he is headed he always answers: following the hood south. The plan is: strait down south to Las Vegas, Yuma, walk across the border to Algodones, Margarita, Taco, some sunburn and burn some fuel coming home.

Poor motor home spent the winter parked. It's not designed for neither is it's owner.

From our place we follow the hood south for about 3 days and on the other side of the gate all kind of goodies....
(Wikipedia photo)

....are waiting. Like Margaritas.... (Wikipedia photo)

.......and driving trough the desert on the way home is always beautiful. Stay tuned!
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