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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Had a good time.

Drove home in a couple of days from California to our very own Wet Coast. Out of 365 days we usually get 350 days of rain, 2 weeks of sunny weather and one day left for changing conditions. Is it understandable that we like to go south especially in winter? A few pictures to wrap it up.

We love and appreciate the free Wi-Fi wherever we find one.

Not so much the ever climbing fuel prices, but motorist in the US are still a whole lot better off.

A really sad thing for RV-ers: San Diego spent tons of money on No Parking signs on Shelter Island. It's OK during the day but parking is not allowed from 3 to 4:30 am.

This "Road Train" is legal in Arizona. He parked next to us in Quartzsite and when he left we did not want to believe it. We tought the cargo trailer is for the SUV they had. No, it had the quads and the wife drove the SUV behind the rig. I hope they never get lost.

During the entire trip we had the best time in the Quartzsite area.

We are planning to come back next winter for a little bit longer but for now we are preparing for a family reunion in Ontario. We are driving the motor home from Victoria trough Canada to Ontario and come back on the Interstates in the US. I guess it's going to be around 10000 km. Stay tuned, we are leaving on the 4th of June.
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