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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cabo San Lucas - back to La Paz

As I said Cabo just wasn’t for us and the next day after we stocked up at Walmart we left. Of course everybody wants to do the Loop so you head north on the Pacific Coast on a very nice divided highway. I’ve heard that almost all truckers use this road ( Mex 19 ) to deliver to Cabo because it’s much better than the other option ( Mex 1 )  We stopped at the Los Cerritos Surf Club, they have an  RV Park behind the resort. The resort is very nice, they rent out bungalows that are built around a huge swimming pool, restaurant and a swim up bar. The beach is very nice but: the RV Park is a dirt lot behind the resort and it’s dry camping, no service at all. 30 bucks a night. They wouldn’t give us a better deal, no wonder I have seen only 1 rv parked in the big lot. After an experience like that you remember all the good places on the way south and want to be there. In about an hour we ended up in La Paz again at the Campestre Maranatha campsite and paid for 4 days. After 2 days we drove into town and checked out the Malecon, ( downtown waterfront ). La Paz is the biggest city on the Baja peninsula,  ( 170,000 people ) right now it was very busy because of the annual Carnival. We decided to stay a couple of more days and visit the city after the Carnival and after all the vendors have moved out, we hope it won’t be too crowded.

Hwy Mex 19 from Cabo to La Paz on the Pacific Coast is first class.

Now you know why I like to spend a few days in La Paz. Campestre Maranatha.

High Tech Granny is calling family. The campground has good Wifi.

A bit breezy but warm at the Malecon.

A few million dollars floating in the harbour.

A new subdivision on a sandy peninsula across from La Paz.

Statue of a shell with a pearl in it. La Paz waterfront.

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