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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Baja South

Had a nice dinner in the campground’s restaurant and talking about the next day we decided to stay another day. Interesting thing with the Wifi at Mallarimo: in the evening it’s frustratingly slow, in the morning it’s super fast. We were able to use Skype, Voip Phone to call family and even do some banking. Were able to upload to the blog, Facebook and send a bunch of e-mails with attachments. We had to go to the bank just to figure out they have a limit of 300 USD to exchange a day. This little city also has a casino and in the same building a surprisingly well stocked market. The next morning we just had to empty our bad tanks, fill up our nice tank and we were ready to go. It’s only a 4 ½ hour drive to Bahaia Conception, but there is an incredibly long and steep slope going into Santa Rosalia. I bet it would be illegal in most countries, at some points it’s way over 12 %. We stopped at the Eiffel built church for a prayer and headed out to our favorite beach: Santispac. We have been here last year and wanted to spend some time here this year too. You still see some damage from the hurricane from last year but most of the buildings have been rebuilt. So we set the brakes and paid for a week at
100 pesos ( 7.50 US ) /day. It’s easy to stay here 20 km south of Mulege because every day a bunch of vendors show up selling just about everything from blankets to produce, bread, we even arranged some purified water delivery, the campground has a dump station. You can arrange for fishing charters, rent a kayak, dig some scallops, lot of things to do. It happened the first time of her life that my wife wanted to go kayaking, we did and she enjoyed it. Only minor problem with the camping: no Wifi, not even cell reception but that’s why it’s called vacation. We have to go to town to do some laundry and we will use the restaurant next door to do a „post to keep you posted”.

At Mallarimos in Guerrero Negro

No Comment. ( sticker on a Mexican truck )

We buy purified water at places like that.

The long slope going down to Santa Rosalia.

Wife is working on dinner, cleaning shrimp.

Went kayaking in Bahia Concepcion.

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