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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Slab City to Algodones

Heard so much good and bad stuff about Slab City that we wanted to see it but never had enough time. Finally on this trip we could visit the place because it's only a few hundred yards from Salvation Mountain. We asked some RV-ers for directions and it was funny to see their reaction: "I would never ever stay there again, I couldn' sleep all night, I didn't like it." Others said: "It's an interesting place, you have to see it. If you grew up and have been happy in the hippy era you will love it.  Now I really wanted to see it. The place gets it's name from the concrete slabs still in the ground, the only remains of a WW II military base. Today it's called: " The Last Free Place in America." and trust me it is. You are going to feel it after you drive around and check it out. There are some permanent residents who brave the 120 degree summers but most people are snowbirds on a low budget here for the winter months. But the population is much more colorful: recession refugees from young to age of 89, hippy souls, bikers passing through, modern Gypsy Kids and so on. Some live here with family and kids and telling you: the kids are just as safe as in any big city. The whole place is a bit Wild West, regulating itself, in more serious cases the Border Patrol is always around chasing illegal immigrants. The few die hard souls living here full time said: it's not for everyone but if you like freedom this is the happiest place on Earth. But...I need a bit more time to adjust although I have a feeling for the place but....what really hurts my eye is garbage everywhere. Abandoned shelters left behind with tons of garbage around them and more garbage all over the place. I will visit next time as well maybe spend a few days there, definitely would like to meet more locals. For now we are headed for Algodones, the border town and "Mexican Dentist's Paradise". More about it next time.

Welcome to Slab City

Some brave fulltimer souls

They have their own Church, Library...., weekend concerts, dance at the campfire....

You feel like in the Mad Max movie

My only problem: too much garbage all over the place....

Washed the VW for the first time on this trip.

Spent the night ( and some cash) at the Quechan Casino. They have a huge parking lot for RV-s and it's only 1 mile from the border.

Tomorrow's plan: walk to Mexico
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