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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Davis Camp Park, Arizona

We have been planning a „few” days, it turned out to be 17, I guess we just liked the place. We also explored the area, did some errands like washing the RV, went to church for the Easter service, etc. Grocery shopping at Safeway in Bullhead City is something we had to do every 3rd day. Time flew by so fast, when we called our friends we have been there for 2 weeks. Wanted to leave earlier and head south but it was hot and the Colorado was so cool, we didn’t feel like leaving. The wedding anniversary we have been invited to was on the first of April, we gave us 2 days to do the 560 km to Green Valley. We spent the first night at Pleasant Lake just north of Phoenix and made it to Green Valley the next afternoon.  Just south of Tucson our friends called to let us know they are running a bit late. Perfect timing, we had time to visit the San Xavier Mission which is a must if you are in the area. It was good to see our friends, after parking the RV in front of their house we went to a Mexican restaurant for the anniversary. We spent 3 days just having fun, catching up and didn’t do much at all. We had plans for every day only to cancel it, it was so good to have a break. We left Green Valley on the Saturday of the Easter long weekend, wanted to spend another night at Pleasant Lake but it was so early we decided to carry on and at 7 pm we were at Davis Camp again. Two more nights there and we are at day # 19 here, time to head north. We never ever spent so many days at one place, but we really liked it and met so many people here. On the long weekend it was too busy for our taste but on weekdays it’s nice and quiet. We also wanted to spend a few more days in „Sin City” but my wife didn’t feel well and we decided to head north, it was as it turned out later a bad decision. More about it next time.

Our first spot at Davis Camp, Bullhead City

The Riverside Casino is operating a ship on the Colorado.

The area around the campsite is protected because of the petroglyphs, some of them are over 10 thousand years old.

We met so many RV-s from Switzerland and Germany on this trip. I had to ask them: is anybody still home?

On the weekend it was a bit too busy and noisy for our taste but during the week it's very nice.

The burrows roaming in the camping every day.

Exploring Bullhead City.

Our second spot, we moved closer to the WiFi.

Happy Hour with our neighbors, very nice folks from New Mexico.

The north end of the campground on a busy weekend.

Also visited Laughlin on the Nevada side of the river

The San Xavier Mission just south of Tucson.

The RV parked in front of our friend's house in Green Valley.

With our friends in Green Valley.

Sometimes the best plans have to be cancelled, and you just need a lazy day.

Back to Davis Camp again for 2 days. It was so empty and quiet on Easter Monday.
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