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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Celebrating wine and food in Villány.

As I wrote earlier: the entire long weekend is about celebrating the regions famous wine. Of course it has to go with food, and there is plenty of it everywhere. Pictures say a lot more.

It all starts with a Parade, locals and guests from the neighbouring wine areas dressed in traditional costumes showing the long history of wine in the region.

We walked around in the morning and cooks already have been working in front of the wine cellars. Stew in the kettle usually cooked for 4-5 hours.

It's all about wine. If you want to take it with you you can buy a bottle....

....or can make sure it will last a bit longer.

Look at the size of the bread! You will need a slice ....

... for the Hocks grilled on charcoal.

Just wanted to add one more: November 20th, 2010; we woke up to a record snowfall on Vancouver Island.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hungary 2010 Oct.

The reason for not posting for so long: a few weeks in Europe with no computer, no work, just taking pictures for fun, (probably using them for work later). After we came home and started uploading the hundreds of pictures to the computer; it crashed and is still at the doctor. More about it later, here are some pictures.

First we spent 10 very uncomfortable hrs on this plane, it is new, designed to haul 285 passengers, no leg room at all, but the new entertainment system let you choose from over 300 movies and 1000 recorded shows, screen is in the seat in front of you. Good for killing time but a bit more room would be better.

The next 3 weeks were a whole lot more comfy in this Alfa Romeo 6 speed turbo diesel.

Visited a Wine Festival in Villány, (a little country village in the southern wine region) where one of my daughters lives.

Gained some weight. In my defense: the whole festival is on a long weekend, food like this at every corner; could you resist?

Visited some beautiful parts of the country; found this little house somewhere in the southern wine fields.
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