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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Time is flying, we are flying.

3 weeks are gone too fast. You just start to get used to be there and all of a sudden its over, time to go back. We also flew back from Munich, Germany, so there is another day and a half driving. One more dinner with the kids and Grandkids, one more visit with my mom and had to hit the road. We planned another overnight stop again in Passau where we worked for years. It's not even 2 hrs from the airport so it was easier the next day. We flew from Munich to Toronto and from Toronto to Victoria with a 6 hr stop at Pearson.  We got home and said: for a year we don't want to see the inside of  an airplane, it was too much.

On the way to visit my Mom .......
.........we stopped for a cafe at a nice Truck Stop about 80 km south of Budapest.
The famous Hungarian herb liquor Unicum is made here.
Another day and a half on busy freeways on the way back to Munich airport.
We have seen this greeter at the entrance of a restaurant in Austria.
An Airstream travel trailer converted to an aircraft serving cafe at the Munich airport.
Final break, Toronto Pearson Airport. We had a smaller plane to Victoria.
Mr. Grandson is 7 months old now.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Driving around.

In such a short visit is always a lot if driving involved. Good thing our rental was with unlimited mileage because I drove 6400 km in 3 weeks. It was May and the car was covered with Mosquitoes, hard work to clean it even at the car wash. Also wanted to visit a few nice places in the country, so one afternoon we ended up at a National Heritage Site: Szentendre, just an hour drive north of Budapest. It's a display of old country village houses from around the turn of the 19th century, all the buildings beautifully preserved.
Here is what you get when you drive a lot: Ford Focus/Mosquito Hybrid

Taking the Grandkids to the Playground: they have no fear, not so the Oldtimer.
Their favorite ride.... actually slides about 15 meters.
It's a Pirate ship
The Newcomer is about a week old.
In Szentendre.....'s a beautiful National Heritage Site.
It even has a working windmill.
After the long day the gang is resting at the Danube.
On the way home I had to stop and snap a picture of the Hungarian Parliament.
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