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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Truxpo 2012

End of September I had to take pictures of Truxpo in Abbotsford, just east of Vancouver BC.  I have been covering this truck show for years, it's the biggest such event on the West Coast. Unfortunately this year the show went on only till Saturday closing at 4 pm. Lot of people complaining about it, I think they would have had much more visitors if they were opening later. In order to be there on time we had to leave home on Vancouver Island on Friday after I loaded up the motor home. The plan was: spend the night in Vancouver, check out the Night Market then drive out to the show Saturday morning. After the truck show we were planning a short 2 week vacation, nothing carved in stone. The only thing we agreed on was: going south and no Interstate, only country roads no matter how long it takes. When we got to Richmond, home of the Night Market only found a few workers taking down the tents. Night Market was closed a week before schedule, so much about my luck. I did remember seeing a parking lot in New Westminster right down on the Fraser River at the Quay with a few RV-s on it and we drove there. 7.50 $ is not bad for 24 hrs, so we stayed there for the night, went to check out the market and the pub. Had a good time checking out a 100 years old boat and watching those giant barges floating by on the Fraser.

Our parking for the first night. New Westminster Quay

Late afternoon watching those giant barges .

The 100 year old wooden boat still going strong

Sign on the Chief Skugaid

Next morning it was only an hour to the truck show in Abbostford
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