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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A few days of boondocking.

After leaving Algodones we were heading north ( and home ) on 95. Didn't make it far, Quartzsite, Ponderosa rd. looked so inviting, we just pulled over and parked for the day. Had a very nice day and a quiet night, reading a good book. It's a long term visitor area and at the entrance people leave books behind, it's a sort of library desert style. We talked to a few nice people from BC, they recommended another BLM operated campsite west of Parker. You have to cross the Colorado in Parker into California, take the first road right and along the river. After about 4-5 miles there is a resort like fancy RV park on the right (35-40 bucks a night, full hook up), the next driveway is the BLM campground, right on the river, ( 5 bucks/night, no hook up). We loved it so much we stayed for 2 nights. Years ago we have been to Bullhead City and Laughlin and wanted to go back to the very nice capmping on the Arizona side called Davis Camp. For 15 $ a night it's not really a boondocking Paradise but a wonderful place on the river. Laughlin has casino parking, at the Riverside were dozens of RV-s but too noisy so after donating a few bucks to the local economy we went back to Arizona and spent another 2 nights in the camping. Plans after that? Las Vegas for another couple of days.
Sometimes you just need a day doing NOTHING.
Quartzsite, Ponderosa Rd

BLM camping on the California side of the Colorado,
it comes with frequent visitors.

Wife loves cactus flowers

I understand you have to have your toys but what to do after a wrong turn?

 Flowering cactus on the campsite

2 steps from the river. Davis Camp, AZ

The Riverside Casino in Laughlin Nevada. RV parking OK.....

.......but we prefer Davis Camp on the Arizona side of the river.
The Riverside casino in the distance.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Viva Mexico

Algodones is booming because of Snowbirds and dentists. For the winter months about 300 Mexican dentists are moving to the little town and work there. The service is much cheaper than in the US or Canada, its good so customers are coming all winter every day by the thousands, business is booming. There is a huge pay-parking lot on the US side, and almost everybody just walks across the border. I was surprised, I did not see a single Mexican uniform while crossing the border, it was like a walk in the park and you are in Mexico. (Not so when you are coming back)
Once you are in Mexico, after the dentist appointment you can shop 'till you drop in the 4 block area, souvenir shops, folk art, cheap liquor, good food and of course a bunch of junk. We had the best fish and shrimp tacos in Algodones, those courtyard restaurants are simply awesome. Before we headed back we did buy a 1,5 litre bottle of Margarita for 3,50 US and a big bottle of Kahlua for 8,50 US. Coming back to the US side is was a bit more than an hour waiting in line but its good business for some locals. There are rickshaw like bicycle taxis, can carry 4 passengers and for 8 bucks you get a ride across the border. This way you can bypass the long line because you cross the border on a "vehicle" and business is booming. We had a good time and will visit again when we are in the area. The only thing bothering my eye is to see those really nice blankets and all kind of native art next to the baseball and hockey shirts but I understand that everybody wants to make a living.

She is making T shirts right in front of the store. She explains to my wife how to decorate it with beads.

Amigo the beadmaker.

Window in Algodones.

4 square blocks of Dentists Offices, Pharmacies, shops and restaurants, that's Algodones.

Mariachi band at the restaurant.

The courtyard restaurants are my favorites.

Coming back was an hour waiting in line.
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