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Monday, March 16, 2015

Back to the USA.

It was an unbelievable 8 minutes border crossing back to the States in Tecate. After you are in the US you have to park and walk back to Mexico to get your passport stamped and your tourist card returned. There is no way to do it in Mexico before you cross the border, so you basically cross it twice: once in your RV, once on foot. Even so the whole thing was done in 30 minutes. The funny thing: at the Pacific coast it was 19 C, after we turned east and left the coast the temperature was 30 C. Had enough time to stock up in El Centro and still drive to Algodones, to the casino and spent the night there. Next day in Yuma we both needed some lab work, it was done in a few minutes and we were headed to Quatrzsite for a few days. We have been in Bullhead City many times and just love Davis Camp Park on the Colorado river. We still have some time to kill before we meet our friends in Arizona so we decided to head there and check it out again. I was worried because spring break just started in Arizona and every campground on the way up had the „full” sign on but not Davis Park. It’s just a very nice place, right on the river, Laughlin Nevada on the other side, everything is close and the place is still quiet. 
( well, not so much on the weekend but after sunset it’s all good. ) Here we are right now and will stay here for a few days.

Back in Quartzsite, the crowd is gone.

Quartzsite is a good place to take care of the dirty business.

Our place in Davis Camp right on the Colorado. Laughlin Nevada on the other side.

River cruise of  the Riverside Casino from Laughlin.

Flowering cactus at the ranger station of the campground.

The area is protected because of the petrogliphs, The estimated age of those is over 10 thousand years.

Davis Camp Park is a nice and quiet place but it can get noisy on the weekend especially during spring break.

Visitors in the parking lot of the ranger station and of course my wife has to feed them.

Us and a turtle in the city park of Bullhead City.

After the weekend the crowd was gone and we could move closer to the Wifi in the park.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Guerrero Negro - San Quintin – Ensenada

We spent only one night in Guerrero Negro because the next day is a fairly long drive, 410 km to San Quintin. For me it’s the worst part of the whole Mex 1, especially the 100 mile long pothole section in the Catavina area. And we wanted to stop in San Ignacio for sure to see the Mission. As usual we stopped in San Ignacio, visited the Mission and had lunch at the beautiful square in front of the church and time goes so fast. The local natives  called it Kadakaamán in their own language, it was founded in 1728. A very interesting building with 1.4 m thick walls, probably that's the reason for calling it in the early years the „Stone Church”. We arrived late afternoon at El Pebellon RV Park in San Quintin and paid for one night. Later we decided to stay longer and ended up with 4 nights, the beach is so beautiful and so long you can’t see the end of it. Today I do this post from Ensenada, tomorrow we probably cross the border back to the good old USA. 

The very nice square in San Ignacio....... front of the Kadakaamán Mission.

Founded in 1728, the inside of the church.

The basic but beautiful campground El Pebellon just south of San Quintin right on the beach.

You can collect he famous "Sand Dollars" on the 10 mile long beach.

Some lazy folks do not walk on the beach, they drive, then they walk for hours to get a tow truck.

Sunsets like this was the reason we spent 4 days here.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

La Paz-Bahia Concepcion.

We liked La Paz so much that we ended up staying a whole week there. Visited the city after the Carnival, lots of vendors still in town but it was much easier to find parking. We visited the Cultural Center of the city, it’s a very interesting building with a nice courtyard and a Cafe. After a week we left and we drove to Ciudad Constitucion, banking, grocery shopping and a nice evening at Misiones RV Park. From there the next day just a short drive to Loreto, we were at the Loreto Shores RV Park early in the afternoon. After a quick set up we called a cab to go and see the Mission. We wanted to see it and it was well worth it, the beautiful church was built in the 17th century. Just one more day and we are at our favourite campground: Santispack at Bahia Concepcion. On the way south we spent a week here and made arrangements with a local fisherman to go for a boat ride around the islands. On the 3rd day we did it and loved it very much. We have seen a lot of wild life, beautiful, clean, hidden beaches. The local restaurant had a pig roast on Friday with a big crowd, the staff was so busy they could barely handle it. Time flies by when you are having fun, after a week we were heading north again towards Guerrero Negro.

The Cultural Center of La Paz......

.....and it's very nice courtyard.

Getting closer to the Gulf of California.

The Mission in Loreto....

....and it's inside..

We went on a boat ride with Chico, a local fisherman......

....and have seen the small islands where the pelicans are hiding.

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