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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dana Point-Huntington Beach

It was so nice at the campground, we could drive or walk around during the day and come back for the night. The city center is only a 10 minute walk from the camping. The park also has a huge parking with a lot of RV-s. When I asked the ranger he said: for 120 dollars you can get an annual pass for the park but you have to leave at 10pm. In the parking lot you also have fresh water and a dump station. Where do they go for the night? He did not know, probably Wal Mart or some other big box mall he said but everybody is back next morning.

It was back in Quartzsite where we spotted this motor home. With the trailer together it was longer then a commercial truck. The double decker trailer had two Corvettes inside. The plate of the motor home said: Edmonton Oilers. It explains it all.

During the day at the beach.

At the nice and quiet campground at night.

A new Airstream Camper van showed up on the weekend. A very nice and economical vehicle.

Only a very short drive north is Huntington Beach.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yuma-San Diego-Dana Point

We left Qurtzsite after a few days and headed for Yuma. If you see this tank just north of town you are welcome to stay for 2 weeks for absolutely free by the Veterans of Foreign Wars. All you have to do is: sign in and you are good for 14 days in, 14 days out and you are welcome back. No amenities but you are only 5 minutes from Yuma and there is a bar on site.
Short stop at Imperial Dunes.

We spent a couple of nights there only, done laundry in town a headed for San Diego. I have been there many times but never with an RV. We wanted to check out Shelter Island, we heard a lot about it.

San Diego from Shelter Island. Yes, the rumors are true: RV-s are kicked out, no overnight parking, so we moved a bit north.

And found a beautiful campsite at Dana Point right on the water. 35 $/night, bit pricey but really nice.

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