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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ciudad Constitucion-La Paz-Los Barilles

We did a big grocery shopping in Constitucion before we left at the Lay Supermarket and we were surprised how well the market is stocked. A bit pricey but you can get everything you can think of. We had to go to a bank as well, seen the sign and pulled over. It was an electronic warehouse and in the back of the store: the bank, a very unusual setup for me. Made it to La Paz  early in the afternoon, it’s only a 210 km drive and met a group of bikers from Montana the second time today. We pulled in to Campestre Maranatha and  today I was surprised again: the place is simply beautiful, spotless clean and very well organized. Wifi worked all over the park, the whole park is like a garden with a lot of flowers and a nice pool. As soon as we pulled in I’ve seen the same German convoy we have seen in Santispac. Next day was the 13th of February and a Friday but we decided to carry on, it’s only a 2 hr drive to Los Barilles but on the way back we want to spend more time at this beautiful park. In the hills about halfway to the ocean is Santa Rita with a very old but nice church. My wife went in for a prayer and I walked around to take pictures. There were a busload of people visiting the local Museum of Music. We made it to Los Barilles early in the afternoon, pulled in to Playa Norte RV Park and it was a big disappointment right away. Front row, still 200 feet from the water, full hook up for 42 bucks a day, no thanks. After driving around we found a spot, power only for 20 $, Wifi works in the laundry or at the office only. It wont be long  before we take off . I have to admit I’ve read a lot of good things about the park, that’s why we came here but it’s not for our budget. They give you a better deal only if you stay for a month or longer, it looks like they make money on those who spend the whole winter here.

Bikers from Montana at a gas station in La Paz.

The very nice RV Park Campestre Maranatha in La Paz......

............with a very nice pool....

.....and the whole park looks like a garden......

.......a very nice garden. 

A very old church and a very new bus in Santa Rita, Baja Sur, about half way to Los Barilles.

The entrance to Playa Norte in Los Barilles.

The park is a bit out of our budget, 20$ for a dry spot.

A spoiled dog in the park.

Emilio works in the park and was very happy to make a bit of extra cash by washing our camper.

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