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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Los Barilles to Cabo San Lucas

It was not the plan yet but we ended up in Cabo. We wanted to go to the RV Park La Trinidad in La Ribera just south of Los Barilles. Nice and sunny weather when we left and it would have been only a 40 min drive but we got into a real tropical storm and at some places the road simply disappeared, we were only 10 minuted from where we wanted to go but I had to turn around and carry on towards Cabo. 15 minutes later we crossed the Tropic of Cancer and are now officially in the tropics. Of course we pulled over to take pictures, have a coffee and just to have a break. The visitor center even has a room for prayers. 10 minutes after leaving we are in another storm, 10 minutes later it’s nice and sunny again. We drove all the way to Cabo and pulled in to the Vagabundos RV Park. They wanted 30 bucks for a corner spot that looked like a junkyard, I couldn’t even level the camper and after a while I gave up and left. Only a few minutes drive to Villa Serena RV Park, lot of room and we settled in in a few minutes. To be honest with you: I’m not impressed with Cabo at all. It’s a big resort town, fly in-have fun-fly out. Those probably spend a lot more than camper folks. Miles after miles and you can’t even get close to the beach because resort after resort, if not there is construction, the next resort is being built. Will see how long we last here.

15 minutes from La Ribera we had to turn around because of the storm.

A little bit later we crossed the Tropic of Cancer.

The sign at the visitor center.

A room for the religious folks for a  prayer.

A few minutes later we hit another storm.

20 minutes later in Cabo is nothing but sun.

End of the day: Villa Serena RV Park, Cabo San Lucas.

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