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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Vancouver Island Motor Gathering at Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit.

I didn't do any blogging because of health problems. The blog would be mostly about our travel but today is an exception. We can't travel as much as we would like but trying to do more "local stuff" like today's post about the Motor Gathering. It was on the brand new Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit in the Cowichan Valley.

Getting there wasn't easy


An older Lotus right at the entrance......

                     accompanied by a much newer Lotus.

A spoiled visitor.

The new Alfa Romeo. They just opened a new dealership on Vancouver Island.

Daddy has a toy son has to have one too.

And he is really proud of it.


Sport cars are not just for boys!!

A classic Porsche with the new ones.

The never ending job.

Hot Rod Alley.

If you hadn't seen any Corvett on the road it's because all of them were here.

A beautiful Motor Home.

The whole Fast and the Furious movie could have been shot here.

Great show but going home was just as bad as coming here. In 2017 the show is going to be on the 27th of August.

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