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Saturday, April 3, 2010

2006 Round Trip # 5

We have seen way to many freeways; that's the reason why we prefer the country roads, much slower pace, peaceful and beautiful countryside. We decided to head north on hwy 93 all the way to Montana and even further. Picture was taken at the Nevada-Idaho border. What could be the name of the crossing? Jackpot of course.

Only an hour to Twin Falls Idaho, you have to take some time and see this place. The Snake River canyon is just north of the city, amazing view from the visitor center and there is even a golf course in the canyon.

The bridge over the canyon is an engeneering masterpiece.

Further north on hwy 93 you cross into Montana at an altitude of over 8000 feet.

After driving just one more hour you really start to understand why it is named Big Sky Country.

Montana is a camper's Paradise. Campgrounds all over the state at the most beautiful spots for free. All you see is a sign: please limit your stay to 14 days!!! After 15 miles there is another place with the same sign.
Life is good in Montana.

Of course some people do abuse the freedom and use the traffic signs for target shooting.

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