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Sunday, March 28, 2010

2006 Round Trip # 4

At the Grand Canyon I asked my wife: which way to go from here? I really would like to go back to Vegas she said. Nothing wrong with that; we headed back but we had to stop at one of the best campsites for the night. Laughlin, right on the Colorado in mid week, almost empty and only 12 bucks for a night.

Halfway between Laughlin and Las Vegas there is an RV Park in the middle of the desert, decorated with cactus larger then human.

Wife is coming back to Vegas to gamble a little more and I'm coming back as a photographer for the "view" only. It's understandable.

The Monte Carlo on the Strip at night.

As much as we like the City of Lights we also like it nice and quiet at night. All you have to do just drive out of town to Red Rock Park; takes about 20 minutes, it also has a nice campground for 10-12 bucks a night. If you stay in town at an RV Park be prepared to pay 40-50 dollars.
( a room at Motel 6 was 45$ back then.)

Two days later I asked my wife again: which way are we going home?
I've never been to Lake Louise yet she said.
So we headed north trough Nevada, we love the country roads in this state, like to stop in those little villages. This picture was taken halfway between Vegas and Ely where the hwy goes trough a rocky canyon for a few miles in the desert.

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