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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dominica 2007...Leaving the resort.

Yes, life is good inside the resort but it’s boring after a while. It should rather be called a Reservation where locals can watch visitors from far away getting drunk, fat and sunburn. You see nothing from the country, nothing from the locals so we decided to leave the resort and go to Alex’s place in Santo Domingo. The 4.5 hrs trip with the bus cost about 40$ and for 50/day you can rent a nice little car with unlimited mileage. We rented one rather then the bus ride and headed for the capitol. Out in the country the drive was nice and quiet between sugarcane plantations but when we got to the first big city ( La Romana ) I was shocked and asked Alex: the light is red how comes nobody stops? -You better get used to it: those lights are just a show off for tourists; locals don’t really care-Alex said. Same thing with the Drivers License. Probably half of the drivers never had one and you need one only if you want to show off to your visitors from those funny countries with traffic lights and driver’s license. We also had a downpour on the trip and I badly needed a drink when we finally arrived in Santo Domingo. He even offered me to take over the wheel; I said maybe in a few days. But…..that’s why we are here! We want to see the city and come home with a lot of pictures. Here are some….

Life is good inside the resort....for a while.

The resort is so big it takes a 45 minute train ride if you want to see everything.

We rented a little Suzuki but were better off with a 4X4.

Our Dominican plate.

We finally made it to downtown the next day. History at every corner. Columbus used to live in this house. More pictures next week.

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