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Saturday, April 10, 2010

2006 Round Trip # 6

After we were spoiled in Idaho and Montana with free camping we are finally back to Canada because we wanted to see the Lake Louise area. We made it to Banff late in the evening just to find out that every square inch is marked in town with: No RV Parking. Campsite is OK, far out of town tough and almost 40 bucks a night probably won't see us again soon.

The Rockies in autumn: unbeatable views everywhere you turn.

Even the Trans Canada towards the Rockies and the BC border is a breathtaking view.

Lake Louise with it's crystal clear water.

Pictures like this one show why we like to travel after the peak season. Weather is still great but no crowd, campgrounds are still open but half empty. Kamloops Lake just west of town on the Trans Canada hwy.

This hotel is also a well known landmark with it's red roof east of Kamloops.

After 22 days on the road we are back home (in Victoria BC back then) feeding the birds at the Esquimalt Lagoon and are already planning the next trip. Stay tuned for our next adventure.

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