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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Leavenworth WA to Crater Lake OR

As we said before we were trying to avoid Interstate driving, it was easy by staying on Hwy 97 all the way south even after crossing into Oregon. I have been on this road many times and always wanted to see Crater Lake in Oregon but never had enough time. Just before Klamath Falls right on Hwy 138 and after 30 some miles you are in Crater Lake National Park. ( 10 $ entrance fee.) The park is at an elevation of 7-8000 feet and is open usually from June to late September because later there is too much snow. The lake was created by a volcano thousands of years ago and later it was filled with water from the average snowfall of 44 feet/year!!!  Later there was a smaller volcano inside the older one and the eruption created Wizard Island in the deepest lake of the US at 1943 feet. Average diameter of the lake is 4.5 to 6 miles and you can see everything from the 33 mile long Rim Drive. Smaller RV-s can handle it easily but bigger rigs should not even try. The Rim Drive has many pull outs, parking and picnic areas, it takes hours to do the circle, see everything, take pictures. If you are running out of time on the south side of the lake is a campground to spend the night or a few days there. Be prepared for tons of Chipmunks, they will show up at every parking lot and beg for food despite the sign: Don't feed wildlife!"

From Hwy 97 right on 138, it's about 30 miles to Crater Lake
Lot of parking and picnic areas.
 According to the sign the elevation is 7517. 51 feet.
The Rim Drive is OK for smaller RV-s
Crater Lake with Wizard Island on the left.
Another view point on Rim Drive where........ 
.....lot of little visitors come as soon as you stop.
Chipmunks obviously can't read the "Do not feed Wildlife!" sign.

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