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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Abbotsford to Greenwood

Got to Truxpo right on time and since we pre-registered we just had to pick up our badges and start working. I was surprised how many friends an co workers we ran into but it's the biggest event of it's kind on the Wet Coast. I even met one of the sales people at the Ocean trailer exhibit whom I've known for a long time. The whole Ocean Trailer exhibit was a retro style set up. Theme: Casablanca.
I think it was a good Idea and it was drawing a crowd. Finished shooting and interviews around 3 pm, too early to stay put, we hit the road and made it to Princeton around 6 pm. Had a very nice and quiet night and Sunday around noon we were at one of the best campsites and fishing spots in BC: Heynes Point Provincial Park. ( I know I've told you about it before.) Wife started fishing right away, weather was just perfect but no fish. Left the campground early afternoon to visit a very good friend who lives only 80 km from Osoyoos in Greenwood. He has an RV spot in his backyard, we staid there for the night and had a nice BBQ, talked about the good old times, we got close to change the world but ran out of beer so it has to wait 'till next time.

Retro is in fashion: the Ocean Trailer Exhibit with Casablanca theme

A shiny new Kenworth at the show

I had this one for a test drive

Still a month to Halloween but they are prepared
Did you know there is a Hungarian Winery just a bit east of Keremeos

Wife started fishing when we got to Lake Osoyoos
Later we visited a good friend in Greenwood, had a good evening and got close to change the World.

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