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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Greenwood BC to Leavenworth WA

Next morning we said Good By to our friend Mike and headed back to Osoyoos for more fishing. There is a long slope going down just before Osoyoos and I heard some grinding noise from the back of the motor home. Goosebumps, sweat and a few bad words but it has to be looked after. I do a good pre trip every time before we leave, I taught everything was in good shape. Well, it was not. Found a shop in Osoyoos, they pulled off the wheel and one brake pad on the inside was gone. The outside one and all the others were at a good 75%  but the rear brakes needed pads. When I did my pre trip I did not pull off the rim of course. It was in the afternoon and the mechanic said: don't worry, if I order the parts before 4:30 pm I'll have it first thing tomorrow morning. And he did!! We spent the day fishing, camping at the same spot where we always do and had a good time, the weather was 25-27 C. Next morning back to the shop, parts just came in and in about an hour we were back on the road headed for the border. A big thank you to RELIABLE  Brake and Muffler on Hwy 97 in Osoyoos, the service is awesome. We crossed the border in about 30 minutes and made it to Leavenworth WA. just before dark. Yes, we have been here before and we will come back again. Maybe it's because we have been living and working in the "real" Bavaria and here in Washington it almost feels like home. We spent the evening walking around, had dinner at München Haus, the sausages are irresistible and the beer is original Münchener Lager. This little village is RV friendly, they let you dry camp 2 minutes from down town for free on a gravel lot, if there is some festival  ( Octoberfest )going on they will ask for a charity donation in exchange for camping. We just love this place and strongly recommend it, you won't be disappointed if you visit.

A little mishap on the way back to Osoyoos.

We are waiting for parts, trying hard but no fish.

Next day late afternoon we are in Leavenworth WA.

Almost like the "real" thing.

Sausages are famous at München Haus.....

.....and the beer selection is huge, lot of oroginal German Lager.

The sign is about 2 minutes west of down town. Free RV parking,
during a festival they will ask for a donation

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