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Saturday, August 28, 2010

RV-ing in Europe 3

We had a small Fiat with a diesel engine, very good fuel mileage, still very strong and fast. Average speed was over 100 km/h and it needed less fuel than our minivan at home. We could drive to everywhere we planned because of the small RV; parking has never been a problem, not even in very crowded Monaco. In the RV Parking Guide listed parkings are free but no service, no hook ups.
We stayed most of the time at gas stations for the night but for a few nights also at the beach. We drove from Munich west to Austria, Switzerland, Italy, then south to France and Spain along the coast hwy. For food, gas, even for a coffee it makes sense to leave the toll freeway and go shopping in little towns. Service station’s prices on the freeway are double of the countryside’s. We always filled up the fridge in little country villages. There are many huge Truck Stops with laundry at the Spanish border town of
La Jounquera, but the prices are shocking. We paid for 2 loads (wash and dry) almost 20 dollars. No complaints because a few hours later we enjoyed a beautiful sunset and night at the beach absolutely free, parking is allowed right at the sandy Mediterranean beaches just north of Barcelona.

Our little Fiat motor home at the beach of the Atlantic Ocean.

How do you know you are in a rich neighbourhood? Number of expensive sport cars per square mile.

Monaco from the top of the hill.

Shockingly expensive laundry at the French-Spanish border town of La Jounquera.

Yachts at the French Riviera.

Driving along the French coast near Nice.

Little house out of a story book in the Swiss Alps.

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