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Saturday, September 18, 2010

RV-ing in Europe 4

Driving is not a problem; very good signs everywhere, but the toll roads making it expensive. In Italy, France and Spain all freeways are toll roads, you have to pay at giant toll plazas usually between 5-25 EU. Munich-Barcelona-Munich we paid 300 dollars toll for the whole trip. RV rental is about 900 dollars a week with unlimited mileage. For that money you have a vehicle, accommodation and the freedom of park and be home anywhere, anytime.
Would I recommend it? Absolutely. Even the budget minded traveler saves a lot with a rented RV, it is a very comfortable way to see a big part of Europe and the freedom is priceless. Insurance, maps are included in rent. If you pay with a platinum card traveler’s health insurance is covered as well.

If you go:

RV rental: and

Getting there.
Munich-Barcelona and back we paid around $ 300 for the toll roads.

In Austria-Italy-France you don't have any problems with hill climbing; all you have is tunnels and bridges.

We have seen this little motor home in an RV Parking in France. It even had a storage for full size motorcycle.

Big trucks can not drive on weekends in Europe, here they cook a meal in front of the trucks in a parking lot.

Our well designed motor home fits in a car parking lot easily.

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