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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rv-ing in Europe 2

One major difference: smaller RV-s have no black water tank. European RVs have a “cassette”(it’s like the holding tank of a bigger Porta-Potty), it can be removed from outside, emptied with the push of a button, simple, safe and clean solution, bit more work than a tank tough. Small motor home has everything we need, but the rental does not come with cutlery or bed ware. You can buy the cutlery for the trip for 54EU+Bed stuff for 43EU. Yes, BUY it, you can keep it, take it home, throw it out, they don’t want it back so every rental starts with new and clean bed and kitchen. Lots of other goodies are included tough like very good Maps, Camping and RV Park Directory, RV Parking Directory.
RVs in Europe are much smaller than in North America, (we could park ours most of the time in the car parking lot) and for a good reason: fuel price. 1 liter=1,30-1,40Euro average=1,90-2,00 CAD.

Giant Toll Plazas everywhere in Europe, tolls are around 10-15 $ or more.

If you want to visit places like Monaco or Monte Carlo you will be happy to have a small RV.

After a while it starts to get boring; every 2 hours or so another Toll Plaza, your best bet is cash, our credit cards sometimes did not work. With 10 Big Rigs behind you it is a real pain in the driver's seat trust me.

But the Riviera is well worth it.

At the end of the day at a Truck Stop, cool drink in my hands; life is good.
If you ever visit Italy you have to try the locale's favorite: Campari Soda, after 2 or 3 the language seems a lot easier.

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