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Sunday, July 25, 2010

RV-ing in Europe

I hope this post is going to be helpful to many of you who plan to travel to Europe and see a bit more then the "organized" tourist. My wife has been in Spain a long time ago and she wanted to go back ever since. In 2007 we decided to rent an RV in Europe and give it a try. Weeks of planning and the Internet is an incredible help. Whenever we fly to Europe we try to go after the peak season after Sept. 15th. Tickets are much cheaper, same for RV renting and the weather is still beautiful. Since we’ve been living in Germany for years, we wanted to rent an RV in there. Two major rental companies seemed to be the best for us in the Munich area: Hymer (one of the biggest RV builder in the country) and the German Auto club: ADAC. Both have online booking in English; we decided to go with ADAC because of the excellent customer service. After the online reservation they mailed us a DVD introducing exactly the type of RV we rented. From how to drive to the septic system everything is covered in a very simple, easy to understand way. We picked up our RV in Munich at the end of September, they showed us everything again and filled the freshwater tank right there and we were ready to go.

If you go:

RV rental: and

More about the trip next time.

This is the small Motor Home you can rent in Germany for about 8-900$ a week with unlimited mileage.

Here we are at the German-Austrian border. Some countries in Europe do not have toll booths on the highways but you have to buy a sticker at the border; put it on the windshield to prove you paid your fee.

Small Motor Home but has everything to travel in comfort.

In the Swiss Alps.

There are no RV Parks as we know it but many cities have "RV-parking". They are even listed on maps, easy to find and the best part is: they are free. The southern part of Europe has many full timers, some of them moving from one parking to the other. No hook ups at all, just parking but you can not complain about the price. We stayed in some of them for the night, was safer then in a rest area, local cops drove by a few times at night.

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