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Monday, July 5, 2010

A few more words about the favorite trip..

It is amazing what happens in a parking lot sometimes. Free parking at a casino in Coachella, lots of room. Big motor home, worth a few 100 thousands, just wanted to ask the owner if the parking is really free or do we have to register or what to do. As I pull in closer he starts waving: keep going, do not park your "hippy-wagen" next to me. "Thank you sir, very nice from you, hope to never see you again".

A very nice neighbour.

Stopped for some pictures at the Morongo Reservation's Dino Park
We had a very good reason to drive trough the LA area: wanted some really good tacos. Have been there many times, best tacos from a catering truck in Castaic, just north of LA.

1,25 a taco, 3 of them are enough for me, who can beat that?

Last stop for photos on the way home: the Governator's Office in Sacramento.

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