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Saturday, March 20, 2010

2006 Round Trip Part 3

From the west coast we headed east towards Bakersfield and Las Vegas. Crossing the I 5 I had to take a picture of the divider.

On that day we did not make it all the way to Vegas, we had to stop for the night at Whiskey Pete's halfway between the border and Vegas.

New York-New York was just completed when we got there. My wife likes to gamble and for her it's either Vegas or nothing. I do not gamble at all but I love Nevada very much. Every bigger casino has an RV and truck parking, plenty of camping just out of Las Vegas, the roads are the best and the limit on a country road is 70 mph. The desert can be beautiful too; you just have to visit the right spot in the right season. We stayed up 'till really late but the next day were headed for the Grand Canyon.

The view of Lake Mead halway from Vegas to Hoover Dam.

Crossing into Arizona on top of the Hoover Dam. From here only a few hours to the Grand Canyon.

This guy was just behind the Info Center at the Grand Canyon, some people were just 20 feet away from him taking pictures and he just didn't care.

If you see the Grand Canyon the first time you will learn what BREATHTAKING means. We thought we were prepared but when we got there we just looked at each other; is it real?? There was another photographer taking pictures of a dancing couple right on the edge of the canyon. I did snap a picture of them too but I'm afraid of height, could not even look at it anymore no matter how nice the girl was.
Will be back next week.

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