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Monday, January 26, 2015

Back on the road

Unfortunately it has been a year since my last post because of health issues, but we are on the road again. At the end of  January we’ve made it to the southern part of California, Arizona and finally enjoying the nice, sunny weather, temperatures around 25-26 C.  On the way south we had some horror stories with buying a SIM card for my phone, but after 2 days of struggle we are online with ATT. Can’t do a regular post because it comes with only 2.5 Gig of data. Today was our third day in Quartzsite and it rained!!!! We found out that some friends from Victoria are here as well and we dropped by for a coffee. It was good to see Steve and Dianne, I wrote a story about them and their really unique rv in RV Times a couple of years ago. After our visit we had to go to Parker to buy some groceries. Qartzsite is a boondocker’s Mecca but not for grocery shopping. We stay in the US for the rest of January and planning to cross the Mexican border in February. 

It's 80 degree in the shade in January. Taken in Desert Hot Springs

Quartzsite is a boondockers Heaven.

Wife is working on the dinner.

The new sign made of marble.

Visited Steve and Dianne today. It was good to see them after 2 years. They are fulltimers from our home town.

In Parker, Arizona today. It was raining so we went grocery shopping. Parker is a nice little town on the Colorado.

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