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Friday, July 18, 2014

2014 trip to Mexico-7

After 9 days we had to leave and head home. I wanted to give us enough time so we don't have to hurry and we still wanted to spend some time in California. We said our Good By-s and got to Guerrero Negro early in the afternoon, it's only a 4-5 hr drive. We wanted to see the other options in town as well so this time it was Malarrimo RV park and Hotel. We heard about the place and it was a pleasant surprise. Nice and clean, good WiFi, friendly staff and they also have the Whale Watching Tours in the lagoon that was on National Geographic. Met a nice young couple, they were in a camper van next to us, the guy from Australia the girl from Finland, they have been exploring the US and Mexico for a year. That's what we love when on the road, you run into interesting people and their interesting stories every day. The next day we drove back to the same beach where we were on the way south in San Quintin and the next interesting traveler were waiting for us: Charlotte and Anton from Austria in a motor home they built themselves and shipped it over to Baltimore, toured the East Coast, crossed the US, drove to the bottom of the Baja and now they were headed to Canada for the Spring. Anton said: we stay here for a few days, we have over 2 months to get to Canada. Hope to see them because they are coming to Vancouver Island as well.

Hwy Mex 1 from Santa Rosalia to Guerrero Negro going north trough the desert.

A makeshift memorial of a trucker at an intersection.

Malarrimo RV Park in Guerrero Negro was a pleasant surprise.

Advertising the Whale Watching tour at the World Heritage Site.

Here is the newer version of my invention. Instead of using the water from the small tank an extended hose from the winterizing valve to the bottle outside, flip the valve and the pump delivers fresh water from the bottle. As I said: we use purified water even in the tank, so this is a lot easier way to save it.

The next day we met Charlotte and Anton in San Quintin.They are touring the North American continent in their self built motor home.

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