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Monday, June 23, 2014

2014 trip to Mexico-6

As I said we loved the place so much we spent 9 days there. Every morning local vendors showed up with everything you could need. Produce, seafood, bread, water and of course the souvenir vendors. If you are prepared you really don't have to leave the place, the dump site is between the hwy and the campground and there are also 2 restaurants. But we wanted to see the area, had to do laundry and later on we needed propane. ( beer has to be cold right? ) Everyone told us we can get propane in Mulege but it's not that simple. There is a place that sells purified water and propane but they can fill only bottles by simply puring propane from a big tank into a smaller one. They can not fill a built in tank on the RV because it's pressurized and the place doesn't have a pump. After a few days we had to go back to Santa Rosalia for propane, the gas place is north of town exactly 95 km ( 60mi ) from our campground. You can not buy propane at a gas station like at home you have to go to the local distributor to fill up. We wanted to see Santa Rosalia again, shop at the French Bakery and take a few more pictures of the church. I parked in front of the church and when I came back from the bakery there were police cars all around us. It scared the heck out of me especially when I've seen a coffin on one of police pick ups. Well, we were in the middle of a funeral service for a fallen cop, actually it was interesting. We did some banking, shopping, and back to Mulege to do laundry and then to Santispac for a few more days.

Birds love the very clear water too...

She was fishing 10 feet from our motor home.

A visitor from Kelowna BC and his lovely dog. The bike is a Russian Ural.

They sell propane at the local distributor only and it's usually far out of town.

The French Bakery in the same building since 1901.

Some goodies from the bakery.

We ended up in the middle of a funeral service for a cop.

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