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Sunday, February 16, 2014

2014 trip to Mexico

We have been to Mexico before but only on a short trip. I have been planning it for a long time to go further south on the Baja and now I could take enough time off to go for a month. Left on the 18th of January on an unusually warm day. Did not hurry at all, made it down south to California, even more sun, taking more pictures. Since I also work for a trucking magazine we stopped at many Truck Stops just for taking pictures. Spent a few nights at Truck Stops, Walmarts, also one night at Dana Pt. State Park in California because it cost us over 3 hours to drive trough LA and it was late & dark when we got to the coast.

Left home on a nice and sunny day on the 18th of January.

That's going to be home for a month.

The first shock after we entered California: I have seen Shasta Lake many times before but never so low. Hundreds of houseboats in drydock.

Spent a few nights at Truck Stops just for taking pictures and use the RV facilities.
Have you seen a church with truck parking?  Probably not that's why a Truck Stop provides a Chapel for the Big Rig drivers. (Flying J Bakersfield,  California)
In Castaic just north of LA we always stop for a very good taco.

Dana Pt. State Park California. At 33 $/night we wont be regulars there but it's a night place.

Not bad for January 23.

Last campsite ( Potrero Park) in California before we cross the Mexican border. It's only 6 miles from the border so you can go the day before you cross, get your paperwork done, ( tourist card, insurance,) and the next morning it's a smooth sailing into Mexico.

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