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Sunday, February 23, 2014

2014 trip to Mexico-2

A big improvement on this trip that we have communication for a good price. We bought a Verizon cellphone at Walmart for 19.99, the price includes 10 $ worth of airtime. The clerk activated it in 10 minutes and we were ready. It's a "pay as you go", you can recharge it in every Walmart or Verizon store. For Internet we still had to find WiFi, I did not want to invest in anything when we are on the road for a month only.  January 24th we crossed the border around 11 am, quick inspection but everything OK and we were on the road in 5 minutes. We choose Hwy Mex 3 to Ensenada to stay away from the Tijuana area. We drove trough wine country and it shows. This part of the Baja is rich, lot of big wineries, I heard that even from the southern part of the Baja they haul the grapes up here because the wine industry is very strong here. In a bit over 2 hrs we made it to Ensenada, big busy city but no problem with the traffic, the GPS is a big help to find our first Mexican Walmart. Stocking up the fridge, also needed some good bread, beer and we checked out the whole store. We also figured out how to buy rolls, pastries, everything bulk in the bakery. You grab a big tray from the clerk, put everything on it and he will bag it for you. Walmart is cheaper than in the US but not much, we are still too close to the border. After shopping we are headed to our camping for the first night: Villarino's RV Park. 20 bucks/night with full hook up, nice and quiet and right on the beach. The park has a glass wall like a fence on the beach with lights on the top, looks good at night. Still good reception of US TV channels via air.

Made it to Ensenada early in the afternoon.
Our first experience with a Mexican Walmart.

Nice sandy beach at Villarino's RV Park.

The entrance to the park. It's a bit SW of Ensenada in La Bufadora.

The new Pemex station a few miles before Villarino's is like a botanical garden, it was nice and warm and full of flowers. Also a good place to get some purified water.

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