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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Family & Friends

We had only 3 weeks ( travel included ) to visit as many friends and family as possible. In 3 weeks I drove 6400 km, more than when I'm working. We had our home base near Budapest at my Sister in Law's house, to drive to see my Mom is 300 km, to see my Grandsons is another 500 km, it adds up before you know it. But it was fun, good to see my Mother, kids, friends. Of course most of those visits included  a meal, we didn't dare to step on a scale to check how much we gained.

Our home base near Budapest, my Sister in Law's place
The happy female department.
Killing a huge pizza somewhere on the road
My mother, her brother and my younger daughter
We have been working together and been friends for over 30 years
My late brother's daughter, the 2 Angels and her husband.
The famous Café Anna in downtown Budapest
My 2 older Grandsons, both crazy about John Deer. Of course all of our presents
 ( well almost) were their favorite brand

It's not a John Deer but it makes noise. 2 happy kids.

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