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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Diet is not an option!

If you are visiting the country where you grew up you are most likely going to eat too much. You have only so much time and want to try everything, sometimes you see something you have to try. The question was: how much weight are we going to gain in 3 weeks. Surprise: we did not gain a pound! Here are a few pictures from our culinary tour in Hungary.
Our everyday Breakfast.
My wife with 2 friends. The 3 of them have been working together for over 10 years. Wanted just a cafe but we ended up with a hot sandwich. It just looked so good!
Going to the market you can't resist the "L├íngos", the famous Hungarian specialty.
The biggest market hall in Budapest is a National Heritage Site. Dozens of tour buses are bringing the hungry crowd.
Even the labels are in English. In the middle: sausage wrapped in bacon. Forget about diet!
When I was driving through Turkey for almost a decade this was our favorite beer. My friend brought me a dozen, the only question was: bottle or can?
Visiting another National Heritage Site: Szentendre. Of course we ended up in the restaurant. At the time I was thinking of taking a picture of our very good meal it was all gone.

A food stand on the street downtown. Could you just walk by?
On the way home after visiting my Mom we stopped at a waterfront restaurant famous for it's fish.
Visiting my Older daughter meant another dinner you could not resist. Here is my younger daughter with the 2 hungry grandsons.

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