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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yuma-San Diego-Dana Point

We left Qurtzsite after a few days and headed for Yuma. If you see this tank just north of town you are welcome to stay for 2 weeks for absolutely free by the Veterans of Foreign Wars. All you have to do is: sign in and you are good for 14 days in, 14 days out and you are welcome back. No amenities but you are only 5 minutes from Yuma and there is a bar on site.
Short stop at Imperial Dunes.

We spent a couple of nights there only, done laundry in town a headed for San Diego. I have been there many times but never with an RV. We wanted to check out Shelter Island, we heard a lot about it.

San Diego from Shelter Island. Yes, the rumors are true: RV-s are kicked out, no overnight parking, so we moved a bit north.

And found a beautiful campsite at Dana Point right on the water. 35 $/night, bit pricey but really nice.

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