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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quartzsite RV show

This little town is a booming place in winter, you see nothing but RV-s in the desert as far as you can see. Tens of thousands of snowbirds come here to see the RV-show, some of them even spend the whole winter here or at least a few weeks. Boondocking sites with dump station and garbage collection cost 40 $ for two weeks, you drive 5 more miles out in the desert and camping is free. Back to the show: whatever has been invented in the RV business it is here and for sale. From satellite TV to water filters, all wheel drive motor homes, good food and even the National Parks are here hiring campground hosts. Pictures are worth a.....

Everybody we talked to in California was headed for Quartzsite.

Our motor home and a bigger brother. The difference is probably a few hundred K.

As far as you can see nothing but RV-s. Some of them stay for weeks.

The main attraction is the "Big Tent", you can get lost inside.

Satellite dealer in the tent.

All wheel drive motor homes outside of the tent.

My office in the Arizona desert and I love it.

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