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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 24

OK, I replaced all the interior lights with LED before the trip and had not much experience with them before. The regular bulb like ones are great, the 36 LED plates are not so good. The problem we had with them is: some of the LED-s became loose, a couple of them are fallen out, and the rest of them are fading. For one night in Mexico I had all the lights (22) on all day and then ‘till midnight, there was no noticeable change on the control panel, still showed full charge. Just want to tell you: my motor home is powered by 1 (yes ONE) deep cycle battery and we can boondock for 3 days without firing up the generator. The LED lights were ordered from Hong Kong, paid 2,50 for one and was shocked in California to find the same lights at every Truck Stop for 19.99 a piece!!!
That's just for the fun:

I have a friend; his name is Al Pastor (on the right, he is the pilot)

He is very famous, his name is on every menu in Mexico.

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