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Thursday, February 4, 2010

February 03

I use VOIP for all of my long distance calls, but just after we left home the application quit on my laptop, sent an e-mail to the provider, sorry, we will fix it, but nothing happened for almost 2 weeks. I checked it again in Palmdale and it’s finally working now. That means we had to do lots of calls catching up with the last 2 weeks. That’s why we did not leave ‘till noon, stopped for a few pictures in Mojave, then around Bakersfield in the orange fields. Made it to Ripon on hwy 99 just south of Stockton and called it the day. Watching the news of course the weather caught my attention. The forecast is about a storm again, heavy rain and snow over 4000 feet. The California-Oregon border is over 4000 so we decided to leave early and make it to Oregon before dark.

This one is for Al. Stopped at the Space Research Center in Mojave

Wind power in Tehachapi

The 2nd of February and the orange trees are full of fruit in the Bakersfield area.

And that's for my buddies at work again

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