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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Home Bound.

Las Vegas was skipped because my wife had a swollen ankle, she said: if I can’t walk I don’t even care about Vegas, so we drove trough. We were looking forward to stop at a taco stand just north of Vegas at the turn off to Hwy. 93. For years there used to be a Mexican catering truck, the guy made the best tacos in the area but not anymore. A new truck stop opened on the west side of the Interstate and my guess is it killed his business. We drove another 2 hrs to Alamo, fuelled up and drove back to the Pahranagat Wildlife Refuge, a nice lake with about 15 free campsites. Close to the hwy, but not too noisy at night. Next day we drove to Jackpot NV, to the casino at the Idaho border. The casino has 2 RV parks, lot of room but the water and sewer was still turned off because of the overnight temperatures. Around 5 am my wife woke me up: look outside ! I did and curled up in bed and didn’t want to go anywhere. Everything was white outside, we had snow overnight. No wonder the water was turned off. Hit the road around 10 am and we were soon enjoying the beauty of Idaho, a few hrs later Oregon. Late afternoon we got some fuel in La Grande Oregon and drove to the local Walmart. It happened the first time that my trusty GPS fooled me and we got lost. Following the GPS directions we ended up outside of town with no more road left. I trust my GPS a lot, never had any problems, even in Mexico it was very accurate. We found the store later and spent the night in La Grande. I don’t know about you but once we are in the „going home” mood and mode, we take the freeways and drive 4-500 miles a day ( wife didn’t feel good anyway ), so for the night we ended up at the Tulalip Casino in Marysville WA, just north of Seattle. I talked my wife into a bit of gambling but after a half hour we had to leave, the air inside was so bad, it looks like everybody smokes while gambling. The next morning we had to throw all the produce we had in the RV out to avoid any trouble at the border. After the mandatory Duty Free shopping the border crossing was about 5 minutes, a bit of shopping in Vancouver and we were on the 2 pm sailing to Victoria. Originally we planned to be home somewhere around the 18th of April but ended up coming home a week ahead of the plan. Now all we have to do is to get used to the freezing temperatures after the Arizona heat.

This time we didn't even stop in Sin City.

Hwy. 93 north of Vegas.

Easter decoration at the gas station in Alamo. NV

Our nice spot at the Pahranagat Wildlife Refuge.

A walk around the lake.

A canyon between Alamo and Ely, NV.

Snow capped mountains ahead.

If you are at 2214 m ( 7263' ) elevation.......
...............and the temperature is only 3,4 C ( 38F )......

,,,,,,,,,,,that's what you get in the morning.


The rolling hills of Oregon.

Crossing over the Columbia into Washington.

Lot of farming in WA.

Late afternoon we are only about 80 miles from the border...........

............but we stopped at the Tulalip casino for the night. They have a free RV parking area but the casino is filled with smoke.

Next day on the ferry to Vancouver Island.

Lunch on the ship, it was only half full on Friday.

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