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Monday, March 9, 2015

Guerrero Negro - San Quintin – Ensenada

We spent only one night in Guerrero Negro because the next day is a fairly long drive, 410 km to San Quintin. For me it’s the worst part of the whole Mex 1, especially the 100 mile long pothole section in the Catavina area. And we wanted to stop in San Ignacio for sure to see the Mission. As usual we stopped in San Ignacio, visited the Mission and had lunch at the beautiful square in front of the church and time goes so fast. The local natives  called it Kadakaamán in their own language, it was founded in 1728. A very interesting building with 1.4 m thick walls, probably that's the reason for calling it in the early years the „Stone Church”. We arrived late afternoon at El Pebellon RV Park in San Quintin and paid for one night. Later we decided to stay longer and ended up with 4 nights, the beach is so beautiful and so long you can’t see the end of it. Today I do this post from Ensenada, tomorrow we probably cross the border back to the good old USA. 

The very nice square in San Ignacio....... front of the Kadakaamán Mission.

Founded in 1728, the inside of the church.

The basic but beautiful campground El Pebellon just south of San Quintin right on the beach.

You can collect he famous "Sand Dollars" on the 10 mile long beach.

Some lazy folks do not walk on the beach, they drive, then they walk for hours to get a tow truck.

Sunsets like this was the reason we spent 4 days here.

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