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Sunday, March 16, 2014

2014 trip to Mexico-4

For the next day we wanted ( and did ) drive all the way to Guerrero Negro but I would not recommend it. It's just 412 km of driving but you have to drive like a trucker to do it in one day. There is so much to see, so much to do and we left San Quentin late anyway. Next time we will split it up for 2 days, there are many places to stop for the night. Use the Church's Bible to find those places. Mike and Terri Church wrote many travel guides about Mexico and you should have one in your Rv for sure. During the day we did some grocery shopping, filled up the tanks and arrived in Guerrero Negro just before it was getting dark. After entering Baja California Sur it's only a few hundred yards to Mario's Tours RV Park and we spent the night there. It's far enough from the hwy and a full hook up place is $ 20/night.

Entering Baja California Sur. You have to pay 20 pesos ( $ 1.60 ) for a disinfection spray and just like at the California border you have to declare all your fruit and veggies. If you are not lucky you have to throw it in the garbage.
A few hundred yards south of the border is Mario's Tours and RV Park. The huge RV Park is behind the restaurant.  After set up we had a nice seafood dinner in the restaurant, it was good but definitely "gringo priced" for almost $ 50 for the 2 of us.
They are offering whale watching tours out in the lagoon. Lately the whale watching became very famous here because the whales are coming so close some of the visitors  could touch them. Even National Geographic had a story about it last year.
Have you heard about the Mexican stray dogs? There are many of them in Mexico, all starving and in a very bad shape. Everybody is going to tell you: if you want to adopt a very good an loyal guard dog chose a Mexican! We had some expired yogurt in the fridge and my wife gave it to the 2 dogs they showed up the next minute after we arrived at the RV Park. We had 2 dogs all nigh guarding the motor home and they've been hanging around 'till we left the park.

The next morning I had to test my new invention. We have small tanks so we fill them up with purified water. Instead of holding the 5 gallon bottle I put it on the ladder, insert a hose and water simply flows down in to the tank. It has been further improved but I tell you later about it. ( The 2 dogs are still around the next day !!! )

Cactus grows really big here! Taken in the desert between San Quintin and Guerrero Negro. Only one more day to the Sea of Cortez and we are there!

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