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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our tribute to Salton Sea.

I drove by hundreds of times and somehow always loved it. Most of the time I did not have time to stop, not to mention stay there for the night. Always felt sorry for the place and for the few souls who stayed there and were hoping for a better time. Could not believe that a state like California would not do anything to save a jewel like the Salton Sea. We visited a few years ago, tons of dead fish on the shores and the smell was terrible, flies came in clouds so we jumped back in the camper and ran away. On this trip we drove by again and of course we had to check it out. First surprise: lot of birds; a good sign. The campground is nice and clean with a few campers; even has a host. We drove around, checked it out and said: finally, they are improving the place, there is hope. Liked it so much ( 8 bucks a day with senior discount, heated showers, covered BBQ area ) we spent 2 days there. After that we moved to world famous Slab City but it will be another story.
Birds are back at the lake, it's a good sign.
Wife is getting some vitamin D the natural way
Those guys invested a lot in this place...
Primitive campground ???
...with covered BBQ area...
...and very clean heated showers, everything is wheelchair friendly.

We liked the place very much but left with a sad heart and I still can't believe what I heard. Had a chat with the host before we left and he said he wont be here next year. The state of California is cutting back on founds everywhere including state parks, meaning 4 campgrounds will be permanently closed around the Salton Sea. Hard to believe.

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