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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Prairie Privinces to Ontario

As I said: at the time we planned this trip we knew it's not going to be a walk in the park. Lethbridge - Regina 1 day, the next day Regina - Kenora and we are in Ontario. Campground in Kenora is full but we got lucky: a local policeman gave us directions to Wal Mart and we spent the night there with a few other RV-s. I went for a walk in the morning to find a sign: no overnight parking but nobody bothered us. Weather was really ugly, cool at night, rainstorm, haven't seen the sun for 2 days now. We needed a dump so drove to the local campground just to find out: if you just want to dump is 15$. No thanks. We also needed fresh water, tank is almost empty, happy to see a gas station. Friendly young guy is telling me: since the city started metering water all the outside hoses have been capped, sorry but he can't help. At the east end of town a nice RV park, I pulled in and asked at the office if I could get some water?
How much do I need?
20 gallon would do it for now.
20 bucks and she didn't say please.
We said thank you and good by, hope to never see you again.
Only a few miles and we are in Dryden; the first sign shows: Free RV Dump provided by the City 500 m on right; also fresh water fill, thanks Dryden, it is nice to find help thousands of miles from home.

Entering Saskatchewan. Here you really can see that the Earth is round.

Kings of The Road in Saskatchewan. Truckers here are pulling 2X53' trailers, that's a real Road Train.

Lunch in Saskatchewan; life is good. After we left this parking we had nothing but ugly weather for days.

Entering Manitoba

It was the first time I drove in Ontario. There is a lake every 5 minutes, I love it, the scenery is beautiful.

We are fast, already 3 hours ahead of our "home time".

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