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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Favorite Trip (published in a local paper)

Somebody asked me: what was your favorite road trip? Always the most recent one with an exemption: the next one. I have been to 38 countries so far but planning the next trip is still exiting. And then sometimes it just hits you: you got to go! Last year we moved out of town and then winter came with 2-3 feet of fresh snow. It’s beautiful but not if you live on a dead end road in the middle of the bush. We have been warned on the radio: have 2-3 days of supplies at home because you probably won’t be able to get out. We have been waiting six days for the first snow plow, did not lose power, and had everything from food to booze but getting more and more desperate for a little bit of SUN. Missed a few days of work, a new training has been cancelled, all of a sudden another few unexpected days off. I use to be in California in 2 days when I was driving for a living, why wouldn’t we give it a try? Very tempting when you look out of the window and see nothing but snow. We had to dig out the motor home from the snow, pack it and ready for take off. The Runway still had a lot of snow but the major highways were bare and exactly 46 hours later the thermometer on the motor home showed 27 C in the California desert. Easy to understand why lots of people spend the winter in the Palm Springs area.

We had to do some digging before we could leave, our first winter in the bush.

Enjoying the sunshine and the orange fields 46 hrs later south of Indio, California.

Even the Wal Mart parking lot is full of palm trees.

Date sampling just south of Indio in a famous shop.

Wife is just relaxing on January 6th in the parking lot of the casino in Coachella, California. Nothing but snow at home and here we do not have enough T shirts. More next week.

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