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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Travel & Transport the Dominican way # 2

We drove around as much as we could; we even tried public transport. Rush hour traffic is just like anywhere else but much louder and more smoke. Trucks are loaded far over the limit and there is a lot of freight to be moved. They have big modern shopping centers that could be anywhere else in the world and they are full of goods. The vehicles moving those goods are not exactly state of the art but they do the job.

Environment is definitely not an issue in trucking.

Big shopping centers full of goods...

....and those goods have to be delivered.

Back to getting around: next step after the scooters; taxi. You have to negotiate the fare before you get in; it saves some headache. If you share the ride it’s even cheaper.

It is really cheap travel with mini buses. You have to hail a bus, it will maybe stop or just slow down. You pay the guy in the door and hold on tight because it will move in the next second. They come every 2-3 minutes and we’ve never seen one that could not squeeze in one more passenger.

Before you think I see just the negative side: yes, there are the latest model intercity buses; tourism is the biggest industry of the island and they take good care of the customers. It only takes a couple of days to find out how to travel on the island or in big cities and you will see a whole lot more from the country, meet locals and have a lot more fun then just staying in a resort.

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